Shop Info

You must be 18 years old and have photo I.D. to be tattooed.

The shop minimum is $100.

Most tattoos are quoted at a set price. This is generally for work that will take 3 hours or less, like palm sized/ hand sized pieces.

For larger work we offer a discounted rate of $170 per hour, this rate only applies to work that will require multiple sessions.

Please be aware that deposits are non-refundable, and are to be paid in advance to secure your appointment. This deposit is $100 at the minimum, more if you are booking out a whole day.

Please eat food before you come to your appointment. Don’t drink or go on a bender for days leading up to your tattoo, or your body will reject the ink you are paying to get put in there.

Please come to your appointment fresh and clean, wearing appropriate clothing for the tattoo. For example: if you are getting your thigh done bring a pair of shorts. If your feet stink you can expect to be getting a mentholated spirits foot bath (it happens).

Please wait in the waiting area. All other areas are work areas for the staff, we can’t have you and your friends sitting at our drawing table while we are working.

You may bring one friend along if you want support. However, it is up to the artist whether they join you or remain in the waiting area.

Please be respectful of the other people being tattooed and the other artists working. Large groups of people tend to be noisy and distracting and are generally better suited to meeting you after you are done. Our waiting area is for our clients.

We understand there are a lot of things to look at on the walls, however, it’s not ok to wander around the studio without asking first. There are real hazards and risks and the artist needs to be able to work without looking over their shoulder to see what your friend’s are doing.

We reserve the right to refuse anyone for any reason.